[VIDEO] {Live}091231 DBSK Stand By You @ NHK Kouhaku Utagassen 2009

They look so sad :( and maybe it's just me but you could see a small gap in their formation between jaechunsu and homin.

I'm very happy that SM denied an official disbandment but I still can't help feeling bad for the boys who look so depressed.

[News] 100101 TVXQ is Officially Disbanded? .. SM official stand, “It’s groundless.”

What a way to kick of the year -.-

According to many Japanese medias’ reportage, TVXQ was said to be already in official disbanding, caused many fans to shock.

On the 1st, Sports Nippon Japan reported in highlights, “South Korea’s TVXQ breaks up at its peak of popularity.” According to the report, the lawsuit that is filed by part of the members against their label brings cracks among the members that is impossible to be resolved. Thus, the members traveled between Korea and Japan in split group and those evidences became adjustments that leads to an official disbanding.

TVXQ has enjoyed a great popularity in Japan, as the main title of news registered by Yahoo Japan. TVXQ has appeared at The 60th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on December 31st.

Sports Nippon reported that eventhough TVXQ stood together performing on NHK Kouhaku stage, however, the three members who filed the lawsuit seemed to show different passion than the rest two members in the performance. Also that while TVXQ had the same dressing room at backstage, still they went in separated plane when returned to South Korea.

The news conveyed as well that the single released on the 27th will be their last single, as well as the best album that will be released on the 17th in the following month.

Related to this issue, SM Entertainment official said, “Those articles are groundless.” and “There is no offical disbanding in decision.” However another official also answered, “There’s no information about future schedule determined, indeed.”

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[PHOTO] [PROFILE] Kim Heechul | Cinderella | Heerobbong

Birth name: Kim Hee Chul (김희철)
Nickname: Cinderella, Heerobbong
Profession: Actor, singer, host and model
Birthdate: 1983-Jul-10
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: AB
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

* Pre-Super Junior
He was first discovered at Starlight Casting System 2002. Before he officially debuted as the member of Super Junior, he was put into a group with Kangin from Super Junior, Jaejoong from TVXQ , and Yunho (TVXQ) called “Four Seasons.” They were to represent the four seasons of the year. The prospective group never saw the light when the two members, Jaejoong and Yunho, became members of TVXQ which debuted in 2003. He still maintains a close friendship with Yunho. He made his first appearance on TV when he starred in the teen drama “Banolim 2.” He also appeared on television through modeling, acting, and VJing.

* Official debut
On November 6, 2005, Kim Heechul officially debuted on SBS “Inki Gayo” performing Super Junior’s first single “TWINS (Knock Out).”

Aside from singing, he also began to appear on numerous variety shows such as Vitamin, Sponge, Xman and Love Letter, and also had one of the leading roles in the sitcom “Rainbow Romance.” He can also be seen in advertisements for various Korean brands. He has also been a substitute MC for Andy of Shinhwa on SBS “Inki Gayo” on numerous occasions.

On August 10, 2006 Kim Heechul was involved in a car accident while heading back to Seoul from Mokpo, where he went to attend fellow Super Junior member Lee Donghae’s father’s funeral. The tires malfunctioned while his car attempted to switch lanes. From this accident, he fractured his femur and sustained several other injuries. He was advised to stop all activities for a period of 2 months.

He came out of the hospital in September. He is active again with his group Super Junior and a subgroup, Super Junior T that debuted February 23, 2007 with the teuroteu single “Rokkugeo!!!” (로꾸거; [KkoKuRoh (backwards) spelled backwards]). Heechul will also be a permanent host for SBS “Inki Gayo” with Korean actor Jang Geun Suk starting February 25, 2007.

Quick facts
* Religion: atheist/agnostic2 *

He is currently a sophomore at Sangji Yongseo College.
Hobbies: Writing fairytales, computers and reading
KPOP group: Super Junior, Super Junior-T

TV Series

Loving You a Thousand Times (SBS, 2009)
Golden Bride (SBS, 2007)
Bad Family (SBS, 2006)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Loveholic (KBS2, 2005)
Sharp 2 (KBS2, 2005)

Alvin and The Superband (voice-over, 2008)
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)



{Photo Link} Yunho Hotness

I just want to share this with all of you :D it made me *guuuh* LOL.

Absolute leader-sshii hotness photo collection --> CLICK ME!


[Lyrics] {English Translation} Break Out - DBSK | Tohoshinki | TVXQ

I keep break the heart and baby,
we keep the faith eternally
(Or I keep prayin, Don't forgot, baby we keep the faith eternally)

Looking up at the night sky at this moment,
I see a distant star before day break.
The journey ahead of us is shining
as if it wants to lead us the way
The sun will keep ascending,
there will be no end and there will be no tear
Because we are able to think it that way someday
we are able to live on

The door to tomorrow,
The key to open it, must be in your hand.
It is not fate that gets a hold of your future, it is you who decide on your future,
make it yourself.

I keep break the heart and baby,
we keep the faith eternally

Running past from behind,
the sky these days seems to stretch out to the other side
because when I think of you smiling,
time will always come back
Like the damaged moon that is being covered up,
we keep meeting new people
Our hearts are sparkling as one

Tears are no sorrows
but they are the footprints to our dreams
Believe that there are things that
only you can do,"believe yourself!"

In order for that wish to come true,
I will keep praying no matter how long it will take

Tears are no sorrows
but they are the footprints to our dreams
Believe that there are things that
only you can do,"believe yourself!"

[Please Credit YT User: linhkawaii and OneTVXQ.com. if you use this translation]

[Video] {FanMade} Break Out by DBSK | Tohoshinki | TVXQ

[Video] {Drama} Dangerous Friendship - Super Junior

This is episode 2 of the SUJU Mini Drama Series, this is about Dangerous Friendship.

Prince Team : Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Yehsung and Ryeowook with special appearance by KiBum
Pearl Blue team : Kangin, Donhae, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk with special appearancy by Siwon

Credit : Translator - Gina Timer - Munkey


[Video] {MV} Snow Dream - SMTown

The were all so happy and cute back then like a big SM Family~~ I hope that all the problems will be solved soon.


[PHOTO] [PROFILE] Park Jung Su | Leeteuk | Eeteuk | Angel Teukie Teukie

Koko's note: Lol. He has often introduced himself as Angel Teukie Teukie

Stage Name: Leeteuk, Eeteuk 이특
Real Name: Park Jung Su 박정수
Chinese Name: 李特 (Li Te), 朴正洙
Date of Birth July 1, 1983
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: A
Family: parents, older sister Park Inyoung
Hobbies: singing, writing songs, going online, piano
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First appearance: as a cameo in MBC All About Eve (2001)
MC:- Mnet Countdown [with Shindong, previously Kangin who got replaced by Eunhyuk.
DJ: 수키라 Sukira (Super Junior Kiss the Radio) [21 Aug 2006 to present]
CF:- Ivy Club with SJ- NII with SJ- 더위사냥 Heat Hunt with SJ member Donghae (2006) Watch- Pepsi (2000)Official fancafe: JS StoryMisc Information:- Got a stage name

Leeteuk/Eeteuk which means "special", because he's a "special guy" Watch his explanation on Happy Together Friends here- Calls himself an "Angel without wings" or "Angel Teukie"- Therefore, white is his favorite color- Heechul gave him the nickname "Peter Pan" (because he's an angel, and Peter Pan flies~) but it seems rarely used- Has a signature dance and introduction- Got lasik eye surgery before debut (2005) but he still wears glasses for fashion

In early 2000, Park Jung-su was scouted by a talent agent in Myeongdong.[citation needed] He was asked to audition for the Starlight Casting System 2000, which soon signed him into SM Entertainment that same year. Park made an extremely brief cameo appearance in the MBC Korean drama All About Eve in 2000 and was also a model for Pepsi. He was then put into a five-member boy band along with his future Super Junior bandmate, Donghae by his talent agency before this idea was dropped. Some of the names for this group were OK, Pricor and Smile.[citation needed] After he was put in Super Junior, Park wanted a stage name similar to Kangta and thus chose the name Leeteuk. Teuk, which means "special."

On November 6, 2005, Leeteuk as a part of Super Junior officially debuted on SBS's Popular Songs performing the group's first single "TWINS (Knock Out)." Being the oldest of the group, Leeteuk was chosen to be the leader of Super Junior, leading and guiding the group in media interviews and schedules. Since the debut of Super Junior, Leeteuk has been a regular MC for M.NET's M!Countdown along with Super Junior members Kang-In and Shindong. However, since late 2006, Eunhyuk replaced Kang-In's position. Along with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk is also the DJ for KBS's Super Junior Kiss the Radio since August 21, 2006. Starting December 2007, Leeteuk became the host of his own show, Leeteuk's Love Fighter, a variety show of Leeteuk helping to solve troubled couples' problems.
In early 2007, SM Entertainment placed Leeteuk in a new six-piece subgroup of Super Junior, Super Junior-T. Different from Super Junior's usual urban music style, the group specializes in singing modernized versions of trot, an old style of Korean pop music. On February 25, 2007, Super Junior-T debuted on Popular Songs with their title song, "Rokkugo!!!". Super Junior-T released their first single, "Rokkugo!!!" on February 23, 2007, ultimately selling 45,998 units by the end of the year, ranked as the sixteenth best-selling album of the year.

CREDIT: Wikipedia

[PHOTO] [PROFILE] Lee Sungmin | The Pink Prince

Birth name Lee Sung-min
Born January 1, 1986 (age 24), Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Occupations Singer, dancer, actor, radio host
Instruments Piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums
Years active 2005–present
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts SM Town, Super Junior, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-Happy
Famous Nickname: The Pink Prince
Voice Type: Tenor

Lee Sung Min, born on January 01, 1986, more commonly credited as Sung Min, is an actor, dancer, entertainer, former DJ, singer, and a member of Korean boy band Super Junior. He was a regular DJ of "Reckless Radio" and is one of the two members in Super Junior who performs Chinese martial arts, the other being Han Geng. He currently attends Seoul Institute of the Arts, majoring in Broadcasting and Television Entertainment.

Sung Min became a trainee under SM Entertainment after he won first place at the 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance in 2001. Sung Min was then placed in a project R&B group with Xiah Jun Soo and future bandmate Eun Hyuk in 2002. Along with Typhoon, Rose, and Attack, the six of them made a brief appearance in a show called Hee Jun vs. Kang Ta Battle of the Century Pop vs. Rock where Hee Jun and Kang Ta taught them techniques on singing. However in 2003, the trio disbanded because Xiah Jun Soo debuted as a member of TVXQ. On the other hand, Typhoon, Rose, and Attack debuted as members of TRAX.

SungMin's 100 question & answer

1. Name: Lee Sung Min
2. Birthday: January 01, 1986
3. Blood type: A
4. Height/Weight: Don’t know Don’t remember.. hehe
5. Family: Dad, Mom, Younger Brother 4 people
6. Food you like: Hamburger
7. How long have you been an SM trainee: 4 years
8. Amongst the trainees, who’s the closest to you: HyukJae, JunSoo
9. Something that changed after becoming a trainee: My goal has become definite
10. Favorite singer: Lee SeungChul/Bi/KangTa/etcetc
11. Your worst score in NoRaeBang: 0! After I saw it, I did better
12. When you see your fans, what do you think of: Thanks and I feel loveable
13. Amongst all the CFs, the best CF: Fanta? Mae Soda? Jumping into the swimming pool, and then flying. Hehehe
14. The one place you really want to go on vacation: Japan/Australia
15. You want to go to a far place by yourself, but you don’t have money for the bus… what do you do: Flattery and be cute
16. The one ride you can’t ride in an amusement park: None… Oh yea! Sinbad’s Adventure.. It smells –
17. One friend you are thinking of right now and a memory of them: In junior high, the memory of dancing in the hallway…
18. A SM endorsed celebrity you respect: KangTa Sunbae
19. The amount of joint cafes in a week: 1~6 times
20. The amount of dots you have on your body: Don’t know… how are you supposed to know that!! )v(
21. In high school the grade you got in your best subject/in your worst subject: 98%/A secret,,;;;;;
22. You’re ideal person and the name of a celebrity who’s the closest to your ideal person: Shorter than me, cute, acts cute a lot, nice, sings well or likes music, does a lot of pretty actions amongst celebrities….hmm.. Nobody! +_+
23. A comic you liked reading when you were younger: GeuRangJyo! Hehe
24. You’re second most treasured possession: Piano
25. When you look at a picture what do you think of: What type of picture?
26. Show yourself off (the longest you can make it): [It’s long when you read in Korean.. he writes out each sound =D] I’m nice, sincere, and I work hard
27. You’re favorite word: SaRang Love
28. If someone you didn’t know said “Darling~ honey~” to you: Why~ honey~
29. A drama you enjoy watching nowadays: I can’t really watch much tv.. Age of hero_ the one drama I have a chance to watch sometimes_
30. A girl celebrity you want to become friendly with: Bada etc…
31. If you come here you can see me [mall etc..]: SM…my school… my house… other than those I don’t really go anywhere else…
32. An unknown number calls and then you pick up but you hear “Call me” and then the person hangs up. This person is really [exception that the person called by mistake]: Fellow student at school
33. Something you do better than others: Acting pretty!! – T – ;;;
34. One cute action you want to really do at the moment: Holding the piano and playing it like a guitar… –;;
35. A food you really want to eat: hamburger
36. A comic book you read with deep interest: The Wind’s GungShim
37. The title of a book with the most appealing cover: I don’t really know…
38. What if an impersonator of you appears: hit him! BbaSsho!
39. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Transparent Being etc who do you want to be the most: Spiderman
40. What you like about being a male: I like the voice…
41. Why you wanted to become a celebrity: Because I like music…
42. A song to sing that would make everyone like you if you sang it at NoRaeBang: A song like that! = = (T/N: he’s saying a song that gets good comments is a song that answers the question… basically hes just saying a song like that would get everyone to like it)
43. A song to sing that would make everyone hate you if you sang it at NoRaeBang: A song like that! = =
44. You’re favorite time of day (ex) 8:45 : 1:11 and 3:33 and all the other times when the numbers are all the same
45. You’re favorite game: I don’t play games~ hehe
46. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body: that’s humiliating~//~^^~
47. When someone looks sexy: I have yet to see a girl look sexy to me..^^ when they dance?
48. Words you would like to hear most: You are a nice, honest, and a hard-working person.
49. Words you would like to hear least: Words that have to do with my business
50. First love: ^^
51. The place of your first kiss: Of course it’s a secret~3
52. The color of the underwear you wore today: white
53. Neon, leopard print, mesh/gauze etc- amongst these undergarments which one do you want the most: All_ I don’t like them. –T–
54. Your favorite day of the week: Friday
55. The longest you’ve talked on the phone: 2 hours
56. The time you go to sleep: It’s probably around 12~1
57. The one thing you do the most {Breathing, talking, Opening your eyes, Closing your eyes, Moving!} : thinking…~ hehe
58. You’re favorite season: The season when a cool breeze blows
59. Lee Sung Min was this sort of student: Someone who had nothing to say_wasn’t funny_quiet_
60. The time you want to return to [use descriptions]: When I cried….A WHOLE LOT….
61. A birthday present that remains the most memorable: cdp? Clothes-
62. The first album you ever bought: H.O.T. 3rd album
63. Your favorite clothing: I’m not good at picking out clothing_hehe Random style! Hehe
64. Lead pencil and lead, pen, eraser, which one have you bought the most: pen…
65. A person that if you were with for a whole day would seem like forever: None… I like being by myself…if I have to choose then is Hyukie (HyukJae).. of course when I get a girlfriend I’ll like the times I’m with her the most…hehe
66. Usually how long are you with another person of a higher rank/age: In the practice room, almost all the time
67. If a random person comes up to you and tells you that they are from your school how will you greet them: keep on asking who they are over and over until they get really really sick of it…
68. A time when even I think I am handsome: None… but I do have a time I really like… it’s when I’m singing
69. Favorite drink: ChilSung Soda…It’s an obsession so I’m trying to lessen how much I have of it…
70. A song that seems like it’s talking to me: Nowadays all songs sound like that
71. A person you want to shoot a kiss scene with: there’s nobody like that…
72. A time you don’t want to think about: There was a time when I was a little embarrassed in elementary school
73. When have you gotten goosebumps: When I heard weird noises when I was in the practice room
74. One thing you like about being born in Korea: Just… Because I met the friends I have now…
75. From all the lies you’ve said, what lie is the biggest lie you ever told: I don’t have money…. _ _;;;;;
76. Are you a different person from what people see you as? If there is, what? : I’m not nice.. _ _
77. You’re best friend is gay!! He wants you to go out with him? What are you going to do: I’ll refuse… I’ll vomit on his face.. _ T _ And then I’ll introduce him to a good-looking person……
78. A non-Korean actor you like: I don’t remember the name… Gladiator…
79. The first movie you saw in a movie theater: Titanic? I don’t remember…
80. You were walking when a fly goes into your mouth or nose, how will you feel: Wek!!!!
81. If you see blood what do you think about: When I see blood… TT It hurts…
82. A mystery about yourself that has still yet to be solved: My ankle hurts, but I dunno why it hurts…_ _ my fingernail too…_ _ I was taking an extra class with my friend in junior high but I don’t remember when or how the class ended. _ _
83. The more you think about it, this electronic device is in love with me (ex.) Fan: I just bought an mp3 player… it obeys me well… It feels like my cellphone has lost its affection for me nowadays… it obeys me slowly and sometimes it doesn’t work_
84. Why do you think that device likes you, Lee Sung Min: Because it obeys me… its makes me feel good… when I’m sad or bored I always have it with me…I think it might even love me…_ _
85. Clothing you’re wearing right now: tanktop… whenever I say this evil people think of weird things… I’m also wearing pants…
86. A common sense you were just recently made aware of: No matter how much you love somebody there are times when you can’t love
87. While you were walking on the streets and you saw a pretty girl, have you ever followed her: Of course~! Hehe my house was in the same direction.. _ _
88. If a fan wanted something you were wearing right now do you intend to give it to the fan: If you want it… Pay money and take it!
89. Your girl has to be like this: can’t be sick… can’t be sad… has to be happy
90. An accessory you like: The one that the person I love picks for me
91. I really don’t understand this type of people: Nosey people/Minds other people’s businesses, people who act like their all that, people who act like they have a lot of stuff, people who act like they know what’s going on, someone who does everything/bossy_ sometimes I don’t really understand them…
92. trainee[s] that you would want to be trapped on a deserted island with: Hyukie…Mm…Hmmm………hahaha//It’s a secret~ the reason is because we can sing together… then we won’t be bored…
93. Something you want to do when you’re still young: Making my dream come true!
94. Something you don’t like even if it died: acting cute… making others do weird things… making others do things forcefully…
94. Something you don’t ever want to die: acting cute… making others do weird things… making others do things forcefully…
95. From all the things you’ve recently bought the price of the most expensive item: $240
96. To fans! I’m wondering about: when you see other fans… you guys fight… why do you guys fight… do my fans fight too… let’s not fight_ if you fight all of you Ssaeng!
97. Something you want to say to the fan who made this 100 questionnaire, while writing it what did you feel: who made this… so many of the questions were confusing and absurd… but still compared to the other 100 questionnaires… it was different so it was fun… Never ask me these things ever again!! Hehehe embarrassing… *blush blush*
98. If you have anything to ask of the fans please ask it: I have… I have a very wide foot (T/N: this means that he is very open)… the rumors that I hear talk of fans that treat and talk to each other as if they’ve been friends for 100 years… of course the girl fans wouldn’t do that~~ anyways I just want you guys to be honest… it’s because I hear some confusing things_^^;; I’m sorry for saying this~ and I hope my fans don’t fight amongst themselves… you guys probably didn’t fight… what I want to hear is your fans are really nice~! I want to hear that a lot… I’m asking you a favor~ you can do that, right? ^^ Because I love you guys so much~ and because you guys treated me kindly! FIGHTING! Thank you so much for rooting lots for me~!
99. A present you really want to receive from your fans on your birthday: Love
100. What is the background of your computer?: Computer…T T It’s so crappy there is no background… If I do a background the computer gets screwed up

CREDIT: SuperJuniorProfiles + Wiki


[News] Changmin in trouble with SM?

On the December 26th episode of Entertainment Relay, they had a special segment on "2009's biggest news/issue maker."

TVXQ earned the title of being the biggest issue maker of the year, but on the captions, they listed Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Changmin as the three members of TVXQ who are involved in a contract dispute with their record label, SM Entertainment.

Fans quickly spotted this error, and we all know Changmin is not involved in the dispute, but rather, Jaejoong. It goes without saying that fans were extremely angered and blew up the Entertainment Relay message boards, demanding apologies and stating their disapproval of the network and their careless mistake.


[Download] Yunho Photos from DBSKnights~

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[PHOTO] Happy 6th Anniversary TVXQ, DBSK, Tohoshinki!

DBSK through the years~~
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[PHOTO] Have a Merry Kpop filled Christmas with a touch of Jpop!!

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[PHOTO] Jaemin | Soul Fighter!

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[PHOTO] [PROFILE] Kim Youngwoon | Kangin

Name: 강인 / Kang In
Real name: 김영운/ Kim Young Woon
Profession: Singer, dancer, actor, MC, DJ and television host
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-17
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

TV series
Romance Zero (MBC DramaNet, 2009)
Billie Jean, Look at Me (MBC, 2006, cameo)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005, cameo)
A Man and A Woman (MBC, 2002, cameo)

Soonjeonh Manhwa / Hello Schoolgirl (2008)
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)

-Kangin is an only child
-He is close with DBSK's Kim Jaejoong
-He was accused of assault by a man outside of a bar but was later on cleared because cameras around the area proved that he was only defending himself -His stage name Kangin means strong person due to his fiery personality
- towards the end of 2009 he was involved in a hit and run accident where no one was hurt and he eventually turned himself in but the damage had been done and it resulted in him being suspended for the rest of 2009
-He describes himself as Korea's most handsome guy
-Know as the strongest member of SJ

CREDITS: Drama wiki + trivia by koko.

UPDATED 2012 [PHOTO] [PROFILE] Henry Lau | Liu Xian Hua

Chinese Name: 劉憲華 Liu Xian Hua
English Name: Henry Lau
Education: A.Y. Jackson
Birthday: 10/1989
Country: Canada (Toronto)

Family: Father (Hong Kong), Mother (Taiwanese)
Expertise: Violin, piano, breakdance, drums, ballet, latin dance, singing

Fun Facts~
• Can speak six languages - Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Korean, Japanese (• Won many awards for violin, piano and dance
• Learned 11 years of violin, 6 years of ballet, and join competitions after learning 1 year of breaking
• Was nicknamed as "Leehom Wang #2" at school
• First appearance in Super Junior's "Don't Don" music video
• First live performance with Super Junior on KBS 2TV Music Bank
• Was chosen at the 2006 SM Entertainment Global Audition
16 year-old, Toronto's Henry Lau, achieved great results for his level 10 violin exam at The Royal Conservatory of Music. He received a silver medal and the award ceremony will be held on the 27th.

BIO [from wiki]

Henry's father is from Hong Kong and his mother from PingtungTaiwan. Henry's areas of expertise lie in violinpianopopping, guitar playing and singing. Henry started to learn to play the piano from his mother at the age of 5, and also learned to play the violin at the age of 6. He also learned a unique form of dancing called boogaloo popping while in high school. After only one year of dancing, Henry was competing in dance (popping) competitions and shows. Henry has gained many performance awards, such as the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Silver Medal for Level 10 Violin. Henry said he had planned to become a professional violinist, but never expected to become an idol star before being selected by S.M. Entertainment in 2006. and also said that he chose to join S.M. because if he turned to be a classical musician, he wouldn't be able to sing, dance, play the piano, and play the violin all together He was born and raised in Willowdale, Toronto where is one of the most affluent areas of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located in the district of North York. He attended Steelesview Public School, Zion Heights Junior High School, then North Toronto Collegiate Institute in grade 9, and attended A.Y. Jackson Secondary School (Toronto) for the rest of his high school years before being chosen at the 2006 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition in Toronto, Ontario. He briefly attended University of Toronto (Music Performance Major) in 2007. He also attended Berklee College of Music in Boston From May 2010 to August 2010. His first appearance was in Super Junior's "Don't Don"  music video in September 2007. A few months later, Don't Don became a number one hit in Korea. In 2008, Henry was added to Super Junior-M and the group debuted in China on April 8, 2008, releasing their "U" remake music video and an album entitled "迷 [Me]" soon after that incorporated Henry's violin. Henry returned to the music industry after a year-long break when Super Junior-M and their first mini-album: Super Girl (EP) was released in China on September 25, 2009. In the mini-album, Henry does not display his violin playing. Henry did mixes and beats, such as for other members' (Donghae, Hangeng and Heechul) solo performances for their fan parties and Super Show 3 (Heechul) in 2009-2010. In 2010, Henry composed a song called '진심(All My Heart)' for Super Junior's 4th repackage album, with Leeteuk. And for Super Show 2, he solely produced and wrote a song titled "Sick Of Love" which was written in English and hasn't been officially recorded yet. He was also featured in a Jonghyun and Jino R&B duet "Don't Lie" by SM The Ballad in which he raps in the song. Also, Henry rearranged Justin Bieber's "Baby" and used the song to perform for the Super Show 3 Tour. In February 2011, Henry's new solo song called '表白(Biǎobái - Confess)' was released. The song is included in Super Junior-M's second EP, 'Perfection (EP)'. The song showcases Henry's talent in composing, arranging and producing as most of the work on the song was done solely by him. In September 2011, Henry composed a song called '안단테(Andante)' for Super Junior's 5th repackage album, with Leeteuk. His fans are known as 琴弦 (Qín xián - Strings). Henry Lau is currently part of an unnamed movie being filmed for world-wide release in 2013.

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[PHOTO] [PROFILE] Park Yoochun | Micky

Stage Name: Micky
Real Name: Park YooChun (박유천)
Position: Vocal (Bass-baritone)
Age: 21/22 (Western/Korean)
Birthday: June 4, 1986
Birthplace : Seoul
Education: 1st year university student
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: 0
Hobbies: Composing music and basketball
Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing music
2001 American Singing Competition (Virginia) Best Artist of the Competition
2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition Special Award

A gemini born in 1986, has the middle-low vocal part of the group. Along with Xiah, he is the middle voice of the group. He is an important figure that brightens up the mood and atmosphere with his funny personality. Perhaps he couldn't hide his talent even when he was little, for he won the highest award at the Korean/American Music Contest and the KBN Music Contest for young adults. Is very interested in composing and wrote over 100 songs, and the members personally like his song the best out of the ones the members composed. Joined the team last year and left his family in America, and he admits that he sometimes misses driving around New York. But he says that this moment, right now, is the happiest of his life.

Micky Yoochun's English is pretty good. Its because he lived in the states when he was Young. Yoochun immigrated to Virginia where his uncle lived when he was in elementary school (6th grade). In 2001, at a song festival, he won the daesang and started to spread his name around. Last Year in a Youth music festival, he recieved a special award and because of that, he caught one of SM's recruiting teams attention. Yoo Chun's piano skills and song writing skills are great. He has written over 100 songs now. He has good taekwondo skills too. In elementary school he represented the state's taekwondo team and performed with them on 'Children's day". Micky Yoochun who has lots of talents, recently announced that he gave up his U.S citizenship. It was to concentrate on his singing career. In order to keep up with the U.S citizenship he has to go to the states 2 or 3 times in a year. So it would be hard to peform in Korea all the time. Yoochun has announced that when he becomes an adult, he is going to join the army with DBSG members.


1.) Name: Park Yuchun
2.) Sex: Male
3.) Email address: Won't tell you
4.) Birthdate: June 4, 1986
5.) Family: Dad, mom, younger bro
6.) Height: 178 or 179
7.) Weight: 66 kg
8.) Something good about yourself: Nothing
9.) Something bad about yourself: I have a lot...hmm, I can't think of one off the top of my head.
10.) Describe your personality in one word: Weird or gullible.
11.) Celebs that you like: Hwangbo, Kim Gunmo and Boa!
12.) Songs you like: I like all songs.
13.) Fav Season: Can't choose between winter and summer.
14.) Game you're good at: Jacks
15.) My ideal woman: Hwangbo
16.) If you have to choose between same age/older/younger: Hmm. Younger, no, same age! No! Older! I don't know!
17.) Your mood as of now: Good, that's why I'm actually doing this.
18.) What you have in your pocket right now: car keys, house key
19.) Sleeping out: too many to remember.
20.) Alcohol tolerance: 24 hours
21.) Drinking habits: I can't remember anything after 24 hours.
22.) How old were you the first time you drank: Freshman
23.) When do you want to get married: I don't want to get married.
24.) About my singing: Not that well
25.) About my dancing: Not that well
26.) Something I want these days: If I say, will you do it for me? I want fan letters!
27.) When you're home alone: I compose music.
28.) When you're standing in front of the mirror: Oh...dammit.
29.) Clothes you're wearing as of now: Shorts and black boxers.
30.) How much money do you have in your wallet: 9 bucks
31.) What you want to buy for your girlfriend: Kimbap!
32.) Does height matter to you: Nope.
33.) What song do you sing when you go to sing karaoke: Incomplete/ SISQO
34.) What would you do if you had plans with your friend but they never showed: I'll call them later and ask.
35.) What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you: Who are you?!
36.) How long will you be able to wait for the person you love: 24 hours
37.) First kiss: Kindergarten
38.) A feature you feel doesn't need to be fixed: Eyelashes
39.) Feature you feel should be fixed: Skin
40.) People you miss the most right now: Yongyun, Hyosung and BOA!!
41.) First love: Elementary school
42.) When you cried the most: 1999
43.) When do you feel you're grown up: When I look after and take care of my younger bro.
44.) What you don't like: Discrimination
45.) When you felt happy: Right now
46.) When you were most flabbergasted: never
47.) Best looking person of the opposite gender you've seen so far: No one
48.) Why aren't you going out with anyone: There's no one to go out with.
49.) What you feel towards that person: What person
50.) What would you say to the people actually reading this: Good job.
51.) Something I'm most worried about: My skin.
52.) When I look most weak: When I can't do anything.
53.) How do you NOT get dumped: change the subject.
54.) 3 things a person NEEDS: Friendship, love and manners
55.) Your grades in school: No comment
56.) #1 on your phone: no one.
57.) Phone company: AT&T
58.) Phone bill: Around 49 dollars
59.) Place you want to go: Africa
60.) Favorite TV program: Rose War
61.) Movie that pissed you off: Hae-Ahn-Sun
62.) Movie you watched with most meaning: Gook-ah-kkot-hyang-gi
63.) Most recent movie watched: Boon-no-ae-jil-joo 2
64.) Movie you want to recommend: Gook-ah-kkot-hyang-gi
65.) If you could become a character inside a movie: Park Shinyang in Pyunji
66.) How many cafes are you a member to: 3
67.) Which do you go to most often: Ours.
68.) What you feel about this cafe: A lot.
69.) What you want to say to the starter of the cafe: I'll pay you back somehow
70.) You believe it is okay to marry someone else to save the person that you love: No
71.) What would you do if your parents didn't bless your decision to get married: Force them to.
72.) Do you think you're a player: I hope not.
73.) What time do you wake up: 8-ish
74.) When you go to sleep: 2 AM
75.) If someone you met for the first time asked for your number: I'll give it to them
76.) What would you do if you liked someone at a meeting: Act as if I didn't.
77.) Celebrity you want to go out with: Hwangbo
78.) How many kids do you want: 1
79.) Someone I really want to be good at: Composing music and going on with my dream.
80.) What I want to be in 10 years: Song writer
81.) Someone you’re jealous of as of now: Kim Gunmo
82.) A word that you use a lot: Suicide
83.) What I do when I first wake up: Play piano
84.) What would you do if you picked up a million dollars: why not 10 million.
85.) What would you do if you became invisible: Isn't it obvious?
86.) Singer you think is the best singing live: Kim Gunmo
87.) Singers you don't understand why they even sing: Singers who don't even like what they do.
88.) A kind of man you don't like: A mama's boy.
89.) A kind of woman you don't like: 2-faced.
90.) What would you do if you found someone you love more than the person you're dating right now: I don't know
91.)What would you feel if you met someone you'd broken up with: I'd feel glad
92.) Most important possession: My family
93.) What you do when you first get online: Visit our cafe
94.) What surprised you the most: When Yongyun said he was going to make an anti site. T_T
95.) What you do when you can't fall asleep: Play the piano
96.) What do you think you were in your past life: Harusali
97.) If you were to be born again: A turtle
98.) What are you going to do after you finish this: Post it up.
99.) How honest were you: VERY!
100.) What do you want to say: God! Who even made this test!

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[PHOTO] [PROFILE] Choi Kang Changmin | Max | Minnie

Name: 최강창민 Max / Choi Kang Chang Min
Real name: 심창민 / Shim Chang Min
Profession: Singer, actor and model
Birthdate: 1988-Feb-18
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 186cm
Weight: 61kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

TV Series
Vacation (SM ENTERTAINMENT, 2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

6th Annual Best Competition SM Entertainment Awards – Best Singer
6th Annual Best Competition SM Entertainment Awards – Best Artist

Kpop group: TVXQ
Official debut: 031226 BoA and Britney Spears Showcase (TVXQ)
ChangMin is the youngest out of all the five TVXQ members.
Religion: Buddhism

source: Drama wiki